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"Need to Know" information

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    Initial Engine Fire Up

    Freshly rebuilt engine, first time start up guide. As soon as possible: Put and keep on fast idle for 30 min to supply full oil volume and "MORE"

  • 2

    Forged pistons

    Start Up Guide

    If your engine has forged pistons, each time it is started cold you must allow it to "MORE"

  • 3

    Oil Study

    Don't burn your cam out. You should not be using many of the new oils in engines built before the "MORE"
  • 4

    Gasoline Research

    Don't use Gas if it's over 3 months old Gasoline starts going bad in as little as two months when open to the air, but can "MORE"

Free C.F.M. Calculator

Yes, the "math" method to get the proper size carburetor and a chart to make it easy. Click "HERE"

Get the Correct Radiator

This is a full, in-depth review on how to select and install the correct radiator. Includes information on fan spacing and shrouds.

Cooling is as important as horsepower so make sure you provide adequate cooling for your ride. Downflow or Crossflow? Single or Dual Pass? Copper or Aluminum?


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v6 port and polish
V6 Port and Polish
Horsepower on Demand
ford 302 heads
Ford 302 C.I.D. Heads
Remanufactured to Spec
big block heads
Chevy 454 Cylinder Heads
Valve Job, Bronze Guides, Resurface