Checklist before first startup:

Lockhart Machine

check list
offers the following checklist of questions and suggestions to be asked before the first engine start up on a fresh rebuilt engine.Using these materials will provide useful information to an installer, so they can deliver a vehicle that will provide long life and good performance.

The minimum tools:

to have on hand before attempting installation of an engine are as follows:

  • 1
    safety glasses,
  • 2
    fire extinguisher,
  • 3
    vacuum/pressure gauge,
  • 4
    timing light,
  • 5
    digital volt – ohm meter (DVOM)
  • 6
    and miscellaneous hand tools.


You’ll need a tool to tighten up the distributor once the timing is set.

Have the rad cap close by to install after the thermostat opens.

Might be a good idea to have screwdrivers because you will need to adjust the carburetor and maybe tighten a hose or two.

Before you turn the ignition key,

ask the following questions,

using this sheet as a checklist and record responses or check off as required. It is suggested to make copies of this checklist after completing it and keep for your records.

  • 1
    Did you fully charged the battery?
  • 2
    What is the oil pressure during pre –lube?
  • 3
    Is the engine oil level full with the correct weight oil? (Break in oil)
  • 4
    Is the entire set of vacuum hoses correctly connected? (Use vacuum gauge)
  • 5
    What is the initial ignition timing? (Leave timing light hooked up)
  • 6
    Is their fresh gasoline in the tank?
  • 7
    Is gasoline up to the carburetor or do you have fuel pressure EFI?
  • 8
    Are you using brand new coolant mixed at the proper ratio?
  • 9
    Was the radiator checked, replaced or repaired?
  • 10
    Is there a fire extinguisher handy and fully charged?
  • 11
    Are all the accessory drives and belts free of any interference?
  • 12
    Is the exhaust system in place and completely bolted together, so you can hear any possible engine noises? It is suggested to install a pressure gauge to check exhaust back pressure.
  • "Start Up Instructions"